COMPANY/ Lumicor

SPECIALTY / architecural resin panels

LOCATION / Renton / WA

I’m loving the eye candy this product has to offer. These resin panels look amazing in both residential and commercial settings. With a special process, Lumicor is able to “suspend” materials within resin panels for a 3-D effect. Each collection is unique and eye catching.

add some / ORGANIC / touches to a space
combine with some / DRAMATIC / lighting
add some / BLING / to a space with / GOLD SPUN

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It would be an understatement to say that I love sweets. I adore, crave, and am weak in the knees at the sight of them.  Speaking of weak in the knees and sweets…I’m planning on making Giada de Laurentiis’ Hazelnut Crunch Cake with Mascarpone and Chocolate for my sweet hubby {who also happens to make me weak in the knees}. It will be a sweet surprise for his welcome-home. I first spotted this recipe in Giada’s cook book, Giada’s Kitchen, that I check out from my local library. I am definitely a fan of my local library. All the recipes in this book look so delicious.

THE PLAN / Instead of making a whole cake I am opting to make cupcakes. A/ because I realized I have yet to purchase a cake pan, B/ because I plan on cutting the recipe in half, and C/ because if I make the entire recipe then that means that much more yummy-ness to gain some poundage from. I am so anxious / excited for Mr. MacPherson’s arrival.

Giada De Laurentiis

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Corona del Mar / CA / Casa

INTRODUCING / Chris and Eric Fenmore

COMPANY / Front Porch Creations

LOCATION / Newport Beach / CA

One of the things that I appreciate and love about the world of communication now a days is that it at times helps comfort my homesickness. Discovering peoples spaces that are close to home is always a treat. I first saw this home in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens while flipping through magazine pages for inspiration in class. As most of us know, Southern California is definitely not the cheapest place to buy property which is why I especially love how this couple really took advantage of their backyard space to extend their living space for when they entertain guests in their home.

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Today was a good day. I attended my first “3rd Thursday” event at the Seattle Design Center with my classmates Katherine and Sophie. The speaker: Ronna Detrick. Topic: Blogging, Social Media, and Shameless Self-Promotion. And now here I am! I had been playing with the idea of jumping into the blogging world for some time but today was definitely the big-little push to do it. So here I am. I am officially in the blog world. My blog birth date: 18 February 2010. I like it.