I absolutely love the fun and flirty flowers Emersonmade creates. What I find even sweeter is that these blooms are created on the couples farm. The lovely Emerson and her husband Ryan left the hustle and bustle of the city behind them in exchange for country living.

Aren’t you also loving this ladies style!? It’s oh-so-sweet! I recently bought a thrifted belt similar in color & style to the one Emerson is wearing and since then I swoon over any outfit that casually incorperates a thrifted-looking belt into it.



CHECK OUT/ this hardback leather case for the MacBook Pro.

This past weekend my love for vintage grew after an eventful day of thrift shopping. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but I just wanted to find that little diamond in the rough. So could my new found love for vintage have anything to do with this little number?

BONUS/ what I like the most about this book look is that your techy little friend may have less of a chance of being stolen taken without being returned. If a bookworm were to take this beauty book then they may be a bit disappointed.