The kitchen is by far my favorite part of this 50 square meter home. Although there is very limited counter space, it still has all the necessary components of a fully functional kitchen. I heart original art work and these three pieces of art are no exception.

A traspairent table top and a transparent set of chairs helps keep this space more spacious while the pendent and two thick black framed pieces of art help define the dining area. By using the same off-white cabinets in the kitchen area as well as in the living area a better sense of unity is accomplished. Of course I am loving the touch of animal print thrown into the room with the rug under the coffee table.

I am loving how the space is divided into two zones. The main living area that includes a living room, kitchen and dining space is great for hosting company. The second zone that includes the bedroom and bathroom is the more intimate and private area of this sweet small home.

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>>> Loving this space that I discovered over at mi casa revista. I not only love all the beauty shared on this site but also that fact that it’s written in Spanish. Although I speak the language fluently I need to work on my reading skills. Enjoy the eye candy!

>>> a touch of animal print
>>> loving the black and white photography with a dash of red found in the bicycle
>>> just a dash of color in the rug!

Corona del Mar / CA / Casa

INTRODUCING / Chris and Eric Fenmore

COMPANY / Front Porch Creations

LOCATION / Newport Beach / CA

One of the things that I appreciate and love about the world of communication now a days is that it at times helps comfort my homesickness. Discovering peoples spaces that are close to home is always a treat. I first saw this home in the pages of Better Homes and Gardens while flipping through magazine pages for inspiration in class. As most of us know, Southern California is definitely not the cheapest place to buy property which is why I especially love how this couple really took advantage of their backyard space to extend their living space for when they entertain guests in their home.

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