gorgeous exterior
this sofa from a palm springs antique mall makes my heart skip a beat 
lovely pops of black
beautiful symmetry
lovely sunroom

today i am loving this 1907 home in kansas city.
it belongs to mr. david jimenez.

i love that david collects sketches and charcoal drawings from the ’20s and ’30s
he says, “nothing with a pedigree, just ones that move me and make me happy”
isn’t that great?

this man also loves a good flea market, thrift store, and estate sales
are you in love yet?
i know i am.
when shopping for his home he ended up with about nine sofas, 65 lamps
and the list went on and on…
his sofa was upholstered in tattered orange crushed velvet
but david was able to look past that and saw it’s beautiful shape and lines.

i will be day dreaming about being david’s house guest today…
have a lovely day.