I absolutely love the fun and flirty flowers Emersonmade creates. What I find even sweeter is that these blooms are created on the couples farm. The lovely Emerson and her husband Ryan left the hustle and bustle of the city behind them in exchange for country living.

Aren’t you also loving this ladies style!? It’s oh-so-sweet! I recently bought a thrifted belt similar in color & style to the one Emerson is wearing and since then I swoon over any outfit that casually incorperates a thrifted-looking belt into it.



Happy first day of spring! Spring and spring break have arrived on the same day for me this year! Wooh hoo! These green and pink blooms were so pretty I just had to share. Wonder over to a creative MINT to take in some more beautiful blooms.

My heart is bursting with happiness watching all the color blooming around me. I just have not had the heart to pass up all the beautiful sunshine and have recently switched out my daily gym dose for walking and jogging outside.

This past week sweet Katherine and I took the time to capture some of nature’s beauty with a few snap shots here and there while on a walk. We are by no means pros with a camera but we still enjoyed looking at the images from our nature shoot. The cherry blossoms where by far our favorite beauties.

Wishing you a weekend full of basking in the sun!

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SWEET STORY/ these blooming beauties have a sweet story behind them.  A few weeks ago while my lovely friend Katherine was visiting with her grandma my name was mentioned here-and-there as she told her about her latest adventures {as I had mentioned before we love our visits to the market}. The following day after her visit with her grandma Katherine had a sweet surprise for me- two bulbs. I was excited to watch the bulbs grow into blooms.

thank you/ grandma linda for these blooming beauties!

Here there are sitting on the windowsill in the bedroom. They also made a little visit into class where they sat on my drafting table. I was glad to share the wonderful smell with my classmates. The aroma from the blooms was strong enough that it was not even necessary to get up close and personal with them.

VINTAGE TOUCH/ these blooms are growing in one of my recent vintage finds. Does my “flower pot” look familiar? Yes that’s right- my blooming beauties are sitting in a gravy boat. It was a win win situation- not only am I going to actually have a measuring cup gravy boat this Thanksgiving but my blooms are able to sit nice and pretty too. I also am getting to use it more than once a year {in all reality- who really sets a gravy goat on the table other then on the third Thursday of November}. The sea glass holding the bulbs and roots in place has collected over the years by Grandma Linda.

I cannot help but wonder where dainty gravy boat has been. The bottom of this ceramic piece reads, “1814 Mutshcnreuther- Germany- Victoria¬©.”