I know most girls (and some boys) like to get their nails done at the salon but I’m all about the diy life. I bought the tools to do my very own mani-pedi combo at a local beauty supply where the pros buy their goods. Having the same tools as they do in the salon really is worth it and did not come at any extra cost. The cuticle removers that I’ve tried from Target just did not do it for me. So, I would definitely put the bit of extra effort into finding the tools of the trade. I will follow up with pictures of my own diy nails.

UP SIDE./ to blingin’ out nails on your own A/ you don’t take in as many of those strong fumes B/ no wait time C/ keeps money in the bank (shawty what you drank- name that song.)

LOVING/ the unique (and outrageous) designs below. Of course the touch of fabric in the last two pictures is a nice little touch to connecting back to textiles.

via/ here, here, and here


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