The kitchen is by far my favorite part of this 50 square meter home. Although there is very limited counter space, it still has all the necessary components of a fully functional kitchen. I heart original art work and these three pieces of art are no exception.

A traspairent table top and a transparent set of chairs helps keep this space more spacious while the pendent and two thick black framed pieces of art help define the dining area. By using the same off-white cabinets in the kitchen area as well as in the living area a better sense of unity is accomplished. Of course I am loving the touch of animal print thrown into the room with the rug under the coffee table.

I am loving how the space is divided into two zones. The main living area that includes a living room, kitchen and dining space is great for hosting company. The second zone that includes the bedroom and bathroom is the more intimate and private area of this sweet small home.

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gorgeous exterior
this sofa from a palm springs antique mall makes my heart skip a beat 
lovely pops of black
beautiful symmetry
lovely sunroom

today i am loving this 1907 home in kansas city.
it belongs to mr. david jimenez.

i love that david collects sketches and charcoal drawings from the ’20s and ’30s
he says, “nothing with a pedigree, just ones that move me and make me happy”
isn’t that great?

this man also loves a good flea market, thrift store, and estate sales
are you in love yet?
i know i am.
when shopping for his home he ended up with about nine sofas, 65 lamps
and the list went on and on…
his sofa was upholstered in tattered orange crushed velvet
but david was able to look past that and saw it’s beautiful shape and lines.

i will be day dreaming about being david’s house guest today…
have a lovely day.


hello peaches.
there is just something about these balloons that make my heart happy.
these pictures pretty much sum up how i am feeling right now.
a mixtures of…
la la land and
bright colors
but most of all oh-so-very happy

hope you’re having a great monday!
i am soaking up my last two days of spring break with mr. macpherson.
maybe we’ll go on a little adventure.

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I absolutely love the fun and flirty flowers Emersonmade creates. What I find even sweeter is that these blooms are created on the couples farm. The lovely Emerson and her husband Ryan left the hustle and bustle of the city behind them in exchange for country living.

Aren’t you also loving this ladies style!? It’s oh-so-sweet! I recently bought a thrifted belt similar in color & style to the one Emerson is wearing and since then I swoon over any outfit that casually incorperates a thrifted-looking belt into it.


>>> Loving this space that I discovered over at mi casa revista. I not only love all the beauty shared on this site but also that fact that it’s written in Spanish. Although I speak the language fluently I need to work on my reading skills. Enjoy the eye candy!

>>> a touch of animal print
>>> loving the black and white photography with a dash of red found in the bicycle
>>> just a dash of color in the rug!


When I was just a tyke I was not much of a reader but over the years my love for reading has grown. My most recent “read” was Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I say “read” because I technically did not read this book. I requested it online through my library website & when I went to pick it up I realized that I had accidently ordered the audio version. Oops. I hadn’t listen to a book on audio since elementary school but I discovered that I absolutely loved it! In the mornings on my way to class instead of listening to the radio I would pop in one of the eleven disks and enjoy “story time” while cruising along. I also must admit that a few nights I would listen to Elizabeth read me her story as I fell asleep.

Take a look at how this New Yorker displays his books in his 178 square foot studio apartment. The tenant, Mr. Motl was so creative in the use of his space. My favorite part of the article:

By November of 2008, Mr. Motl wanted just one (full-time) job. He was still waiting tables to support himself while he worked part time for Mr. Redd. A friend showed him a posting on Craigslist by Robert Couturier & Associates, the upscale architecture and design firm

The ad was for a junior designer, with three years’ experience and knowledge of AutoCAD, the computer drafting program. Mr. Motl didn’t meet either of those requirements, but he did have pictures of this apartment. He got the job.

– Penelope Green for The New York Times

I love the fact that he was not discouraged in applying despite the fact that he did not meet the requirements the employer was looking for!

I like how these books have the same presence that a large piece of artwork out hanging on the wall.

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>>> Lately I have been… thinking pink {no- there is no “pink” bun in the oven ^_^ }! Maybe it’s all the beautiful cherry blossoms around me that have me thinking pink.

>>> The way all the pillows are casually tossed on this bed make me feel like I can just jump into it without making it look messy. I must admit- I am a lover of white bedding.

>>> I appreciate how the few pink touches here-and-there in this space can easily be removed. What a sweet way to add a touch of girlyness to a space without freaking out the boys.

>>> I heart this pink and gold chair.

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